Why am I doing this and what to expect

I’ve been saying for a few years now that I wanted to start this blog and it hasn’t happened.  There’s always been a reason is wasn’t the right time or some other excuse.  But God kept poking me and prompting me and telling me that I need to do this.  Back in November 2016 I got to attend Deseret Book’s Time out for Women in Phoenix.  One of the speakers who was a also a singer focused on sharing our voice, or our talents, whatever they may be.  I kept getting the prompting that I have a unique voice and I need to share it.  But I quickly went back to the list of excuses I mentioned before and it didn’t happen.  The biggest push came a few months ago when I was reading Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines.  I have a lot of dreams and ideas that I talk about doing someday, but kinda like Joanna, just keep them in dream land.  But when she mentions a dream to Chip, he makes it happen.  I realized I needed to be more like that.  I just needed to get started and just make it a reality.  So I finally got a new computer (Surface Pro to be exact) and finished up some family vacations and ran out of excuses for why the timing wasn’t right.  So here I am during nap time making it happen.

Now I’ve started a few other blogs over the past 8ish years.  A book club for my family members (remember that guys???) that probably has a grand total of 1 post in it (that REALLY helped with the family bonding…).  I did keep one about goals going for a little while, but like the goals I was tracking, it kinda failed.  I think one of the reasons it failed was because I felt a little pigeon-holed, like all I could or should talk about was the goals.  I don’t operate well like that.

There’s a marriage speaker and author named Mark Gungor who asserts in a very humorous video that a woman’s brain is like a ball of wire and everything is interconnected (as opposed to a man’s brain which is like neatly stacked boxes).  When I heard this description I could immediately relate, because I do not think about anything in isolation.  Everything in my brain is connected to everything.  I can’t talk about goals without also delving into body image which gets me into basic issues with our society and how they relate to politics and how that relates to the gospel and how that affects this and that and about 10 million other things.  I could definitely be accused of over thinking probably everything, but I certainly never settle on an opinion without having looked at it from so many different angles and how it plays into everything in my life and the world around me.

So that’s what you can expect in this blog: a little bit of EVERYTHING.  There will be some mommy lifestyle (because you know the whole being a mom thing), but there will also be political discussions, observations about current events and attitudes, gospel insights, and attempts to respond to really deep and difficult questions.

Friends, we will disagree on some things.  And that’s ok.  I don’t ask you to agree with me at the end of a post, I just ask that you hear me out and maybe add to your perspective from a different point of view.  I will always do my best to be sensitive especially when I attempt to respond to difficult questions, but I am sure at times I will cause offense.  Guess what, most people in my life have caused me offense at some point or another, but I’ve stayed friends or at least friendly with most all of them.  Please don’t ever mistake a disagreement or a different perspective as hateful, because hopefully if you’ve ever met me you will have felt my sincere love and caring for you.

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